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With Enertek Solutions' vast experience in energy and power integration systems, the company is able to connect decision-makers with high-end manufacturing entities. From the heavy duty transportation industry to the Smart Grid , the experts at Enertek Solutions can help you find custom-designed battery systems that feature Industry-leading Life Cycles, reliability and durability than most systems available today at affordable costs.

The company boasts exclusive relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and the latest and greatest in Proven Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Performance.

Enertek Solutions' battery engineers are ranked amongst the top engineers in the nation. The company’s sales and business development professionals are knowledgeable and poised on the cutting edge when it comes to the latest energy and power integration technology on the market.

System Designs Include:
• Heavy Duty Transportation (hybrid / all-electric battery systems)
• Emergency Field Response Systems (Fire Trucks, Ambulance/
   Law Enforcement, & Command and Control Vehicles)
• UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supplies)
• Wind / Solar Applications (Stand-by Power and Energy Storage)
• Marine Applications (Sail Drive & all hybrids)


Enertek encourages all Emergency Responders and their departments to call any qualified OEM today for a quote or call us and our technology experts will work with any OEM on your behalf. We'll design and engineer a Superior Energy Storage or Anti-Idling Reduction System with proprietary methods that fits your budget and schedule. We thank you for your business.



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Models in Production Now (All Electric Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems)

HP40012 - NRG e-Pak






MC78512 Portable Medical Cart

AED59212 Automatic Electronic Defibrillators


Paisley Caves Project


Contact the professionals at Enertek Solutions today to discover how you can expand and improve your systems. Call 971.998.3899 503.525.4942 or email  

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